Unforgivable Traitor

Louisiana Saturday Night


Great solutions

I have to say that this thing is not just as good as you think. Why not try to get more and more towards the center and also feel that we can do something else right before you guessed it. Why not try to get more out of what is great so that we also can feel this better. To have the solution and the feeling of something great one have to think to get the small valves to work too. That is why we feel that this is not a thing we have to do but to feel more ...

A special gift

My husbands birthday wish is a custom designed lcd for our sailing boat. He wants to have such a lcd placed inside the boat at the navigation table. He needs this to navigate. There are some companies who deliver such lcd's but the sizes are not available in the size he wants. So I looked for a custom designed lcd which fits everywhere because they can make it in every size we want. I think my husband will be so excited if he sees my gift for his birthday. Now I have to find out exactly where and how large.